Autodesk MapGuide SDF Loader

Autodesk MapGuide SDF Loader 6.5

DF is a special data format for delivering large amounts of data quickly
6.5 (See all)

You can use your existing digital (vector) maps in Autodesk MapGuide® software by converting them to Spatial Data Files (SDF). SDF is a special data format for delivering large amounts of data quickly over an intranet or the Internet. The SDF Loader is a utility used to create Spatial Data Files (SDF) and their accompanying Spatial Index Files (SIF) from a variety of GIS data formats. These SDF files are then used by MapGuide to serve spatial data quickly over the web. Each SDF file typically contains objects of one type: points, polylines, or polygons. You can use one of the hundreds of supported mapping coordinate systems, or none at all, since the SDF Loader supports arbitrary or X-Y coordinate systems.
- Convert all major GIS vector mapping file formats.
- Increased support for text, symbols, and symbol styles (size and rotation).
- Includes coordinate system library so you can convert data into latitude-longitude coordinates as it is loaded. New Autodesk MapGuide 6 functionality supports any coordinate system and does not require conversion to latitude and longitude.
- Supports arbitrary, X-Y coordinate systems.
- Allows object names, keys, and links to be generated automatically by DBMS column name or fixed text.
- Supports creation of SQL or CSV files.
- Provides option for generalizing map data by percentage.
- Requires separate installation of the Autodesk MapGuide SDF Loader.

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